Because of the unpretentious and simple nature of this EP there is not too much to say about it, so this was quite an easy review to do – it is rock music as it should be, and it really speaks for itself. 8/10. ”

Ever Metal

Pay Attention’ is powered by a punk tinged, rock ignited fuel. Fired up by intricate licks, buzz cutter guitar tones and uniquely edgy vocals it encompasses what is great about Rock Music (like Iggy Pop jamming with Kiss and The Sex Pistols).”

Metal Planet Music

“Green Day fronted by madman Iggy Pop playing Kick Out The Jams by MC5. An avalanche of smoking guitars, hammering drums and spitting vocals explode in your ears.””


Canadian trio King Bull have found their holy grail in the sweet spot between Iggy Pop, Diamond Dogs-era David Bowie and the 00s guitar wave. Sweet and slightly mad, with a flash of a snarl across its face, The Depender is an energetic summation of all this.”

Louder Sound

king bull

rock n roll band

          Humans have seemingly stumbled upon the ultimate era of enlightenment... not really, but kinda. A closer look and you might find a striking resemblance between “Red Deer Alberta, 2020” and the 1977 film “Slap Shot”, only now the Hanson brothers have given up on hockey and started playing rock and roll.

          Not exactly raised in the most artistic of all Canadian communities, the members of King Bull can still consider themselves lucky to have been brought up under the wing of the elusive Canadian poet “Catfus”, whose estranged works have yet to see the light of publication. During the bands formative years, Catfus would often preach the importance of The Who’s “The Kids Are Alright” believing it to be of a higher power than “school, god and government” combined. Although not part of the group and often considered “delusional” and “incoherent” by the band itself, Catfus provided all the tools and inspiration needed to create the most authentic rock and roll band to exist since 1979 (Citation needed).

          Thirteen years down the road, some minor tweaks to the name and lineup, King Bull is firing on all cylinders with it's oldest member still less than a quarter of a century old.

          Following the independent release of their debut single in spring of 2019, King Bull partnered with Australian based, globally operated record label "Riot Records" in fall 2019 with more material expected early in the new year.

          Squeezing in a cross Canada tour, releasing 3 singles including "Pay Attention", "The Depender" and "B-Side Baby" alongside their much anticipated and acclaimed debut EP "What Happened Here?", 2020 was the year of the Bull, as will be every year that follows. 

This is a band for fans of the Who, Iggy Pop, Against Me! (Anything with electric guitar that snarls a bit, really).